About Bagwell Energy Services

Bagwell Energy Services (BES) was founded in 2002 as a mechanical contractor specializing in the repair and maintenance of natural gas engines, generators, and compressors. In 2014 under new management, the company reinvented itself with the sole purpose of becoming one of the premier land and offshore construction and fabrication companies servicing the oil and gas industry to date. BES is a privately held, locally owned company managed by an innovative, experienced, hands-on leadership team who has working in and understands the critical needs of the oil and gas industry. Communication, innovative thinking, and strategic planning set us apart from the competition; and with our team of experienced professionals, we are poised for future industry leadership.


BES specializes in interconnecting pipe fabrication, ASME vessels, holding the both the U stamp and the R stamp, manifold systems, production packages and structural fabrication.

Land and Offshore Construction

BES provides construction services to the US GOM and US onshore marketplace. We specialize in hook up and maintenance crews, ASME (R) repair services in the field, scaffolding and coating crews, with 24/7 support in fabrication, trucking, and procurement.