An Integral Part of our Culture

Bagwell Energy Services has built an organization that values the safety and health of our employees and protection of the environment through visible leadership and commitment at every level of the organization and is manifested in everything that we do.

As a company, we are continually striving to improve our performance by measuring and monitoring our HSE processes. As part of the measurement process, we routinely recognize exceptional performances by our employees and crews.

HSE is considered a Core Value within our organization, with our motto being “Everyone Arrives Home Safe.” Our belief is every incident is preventable, and we constantly work to communicate Lessons Learned, through HSE Meetings, Safety Moments, and analysis of BBS observation, among other methods.


Bagwell’s dedication to HSE begins with our corporate goals, including:

  • To improve our HSE culture where our employees value HSE as part of their Personal Core Values, which allows them to arrive home safely.

  • Continue to raise employee awareness of hazards while enhancing hazard recognition abilities.

  • To improve our HSE culture where our employees recognize the need and willingness to utilize “STOP WORK AUTHORITY”

  • To perform our operations in a manner that protects the environment in which we live and work.

  • To develop a team atmosphere on all work projects.

Our Core Values

Maintaining a Safe Work Culture

At Bagwell, we have a commitment to maintaining our Core Values to sustain our corporate culture and belief in an incident and injury-free work environment. This includes all levels of our organization from top to bottom. We strive to maintain a Safe Work culture second to none in our industry and are always seeking ways to improve upon our HSE performance while protecting the environment in which we live and work.

We achieve these goals and meet these commitments through visible leadership and management participation in Bagwell’s Safety and Environmental Management Systems. We continually raise the bar for HSE and instill ownership and accountability at all Bagwell work sites through Continuous Improvement efforts. Bagwell also maintains interconnected audit and assessment systems which also promote Continuous Improvement.

As far as implementation and HSE education, Bagwell offers a comprehensive New Employee Orientation and Job specific HSE Training System. Additionally, a comprehensive, task-specific Job Safety Analysis is conducted at all sites.