Fabrication Yard

High Quality Service

Bagwell thrives on being challenged to provide solutions to any construction needs. Providing best-in-class construction services to the United States Gulf of Mexico and United States onshore marketplace, as well as projects worldwide, we have invested in over 60 acres of production and office facilities at the Twin Parish Port in Iberia Parish.

In addition to the fabrication yard and leasing additional space for hydrostatic operations, coatings and blasting services, Bagwell has worked with the Port to develop a marine terminal slip that expands construction and transportation capabilities on a global scale. Easily accessing the Gulf of Mexico through the Intracoastal Waterway, our water access slip allows us to build large packages and ship anywhere in the world.


Over 60 acres, with room to grow!


52,000 sq.ft 350′ x 150′ Enclosed Building with 4-10 Ton & 2-20 Ton OH Cranes – 33′ hook height

Assembly/ Hydrostatic Testing

6000 sq.ft. 100′ x 60′ Enclosed Building with 2-5 Ton OH Cranes – 23′ hook height

Field Services and Offshore Tool Room

6,000 sq.ft. of area


6,000 sq.ft. 60′ x 50′ Enclosed Building

Blast and Coating

30,000 sq.ft. 100′ x 50′ Enclosed Building with 1-10 Ton & 1-5 Ton OH Crane – 23′ hook height

Enclosed Area

81,500 sq.ft.

Office Space

20,000 sq.ft.

Outside Concreted Area

30,000 sq.ft.

Water Access

  • Slip Size – 410′ x 218′, Bulkhead – 400′ x 180′
  • Load Out Capabilities – 4′ with 12′ Access Draft, 2,000 tons
  • Methods – Cranes, Self-Propelled Modular Transports (SPMT)
  • Barging Services Worldwide


Nearly Endless Possibilities

Bagwell offers full construction and turnkey services for our clients, providing adaptability at every scale. With our recent capital investment and expansion projects, we have added precision fabrication equipment for process industry piping and vessels, installed new overhead cranes, constructed a 15,000-square-foot addition to our fabrication center as well as a 10,000-square-foot addition to our painting-and-blasting facility. This allows us to provide our clients with a host of services, with an experienced construction crew for offshore and land projects, blast and paint, hydro testing, and more.

With the investment in high tech vessel and pipe profilers along with high tech welding equipment, Bagwell enables our teams to complete piping and vessel fabrication orders in addition to handling large spool projects. Using this advanced equipment, we are able to reduce costs to our clients while still maintaining on time delivery and unmatched quality.BES specializes in interconnecting pipe fabrication, ASME vessels – holding both the U stamp and the R stamp designations, manifold systems, production packages and structural fabrication.


Strict Compliance

Throughout all phases of construction and fabrication, our team adheres to our strict Quality Assurance Program requirements, maintaining safe work practices in a proactive environment. We are all certified through AWS (American Welding Society), NBIC (National Board Inspection Code), and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

We maintain strict compliance with regulatory codes.

  • ASME Section V111 Div.1

  • AWS D1 D1.6

  • API 1104

  • NBIC


Building production equipment, skids and modular enclosures for remote exploration and production sites; and performing blasting, painting and hydrostatic testing services, our team offers kit assembly for your offshore fabrication, making it easy for crews on site to erect the structures without hassle. From complete skid packages to remanufacture of rusted gradings or beams, we provide clients with versatile solutions regardless of the scope of work.


Bagwell also dispatches trained crews to install, maintain and repair equipment at customer production sites. From hook up and maintenance crews, ASME (R) repair services in the field, scaffolding and coating crews, and more, we provide 24/7 support in fabrication, trucking, and procurement.

Providing our clients with services at our land facility as well as on your offshore platform, we feature years of experience and a drive to provide the oil and gas industry with ongoing support and services for projects of all sizes.