Fabrication and Construction

High Quality Service

Understanding the critical needs of the oil and gas industry, Bagwell provides fabrication and construction services. Our specialized services include the custom design and construction of all types of oil and gas process equipment, spool piping projects, structural fabrication as well as providing blasting and coating services.

  • ASME Certified Pressure Vessels

  • Decks & Jackets

  • Manifold Systems

  • Modular Fabrication & Assembly

  • Offshore Construction & Maintenance

  • Coded Vessel Repair

  • Process & Production Equipment Skid & Piping

  • Blasting & Coating

  • Subsea Structures

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Offering services at our land facility as well as on your offshore platform, our team offers adaptable services for your scope of work, from custom structural fabrication and installation of structural components and production equipment to piping services for projects of all sizes. Whether fabricating for our construction teams or sending out to your location, we utilize the same commitment to high quality service.


Dedicated to Quality, Efficiency, and Customer Service

With years of experience and dedication, Bagwell has built a reputation for diverse capabilities without compromising the integrity of its services. From experienced industrial fabricators to chemical manufacturing and liquefied natural gas processing, as well as serving offshore and onshore oil and gas customers in Texas, Louisiana and upper Midwest states, we can handle projects at any phase from start to finish.

We offer custom design and manufacturing for your equipment packages, including:

  • Two and Three phase separator packages

  • Gas dehydration and gas sweetening packages

  • Crude dehydration packages including Electrostatic packages

  • Gas and liquid filtration packages

  • Line heater packages


60 Acres of Fabrication and Construction

Recently expanding our production capabilities, we provide our clients with services for all phases of your project, with experienced mobile construction crews for both land and offshore. Regardless of your needs, we are able to provide both large and small crews, making us your one stop construction provider. Whether you need welding and fabrication or blasting and coating, our expanded facilities allow us to accommodate projects of all sizes. Handling equipment skid projects from start to finish. BES can fabricate, paint, assemble, hydrotest, loadout, and transport skids to their designated sites. Situated at the Twin Parrish Port, our water access slip allows us to barge equipment to facilities both near and far.

Welding and Cutting Equipment

  • 16 x 16 Laser Guided, Camera operated AC/DC Sub Arc Welding Manipulator

  • 100” Muller Opladen Vessel Profiler

  • 2” to 48’ Muller Opladen Pipe Profiler

  • 10 Automated Process Pipe Cells (PPC)

  • 12 x 45 Plasma Cutting Table

Blasting and Coating

  • 10,000 sq ft of covered blasting area

  • 20,000 sq ft of indoor paint area with two separated buildings

  • 20,000 Of Outdoor Concrete Paint Area

Lifting Capabilities

  • 1-250 Ton LINC BELT Track Crane

  • 1-40,000 lb. forklift

  • 2-12,000 lb. forklift

  • 2-12,000 lb. extended boom forklift

  • 2–20-ton Overhead Cranes

  • 5–10-ton Overhead Cranes

  • 3-5-ton Overhead Cranes

  • 20-2-ton Jib Cranes

  • 2-20 Ton Cranes

  • 1-50 Ton Linc Belt Rough Terrain Crane


Offshore Services

With our experienced team and our one-stop-shop, Bagwell has utilized our forward-thinking approach to make managing projects offshore a seamless endeavor. Our proven offshore operations ensure solutions to even the most challenging construction needs.

From project conception and design to implementation and management, our offshore services take a cradle-to-grave approach for offshore construction and maintenance services. For all aspects of your projects, Bagwell provides versatile solutions regardless of the scope of work. Whether we are fabricating for assembly on your platform or if our crews are mobilizing for installation or equipment repair, our services are adaptable to your specific needs.

Offshore Operations

  • Dedicated Tool Room Manager

  • Toolbox Management Program

  • Tool Re-Certification Program

  • Quality Control Program

  • Mobilization Process

Offshore Construction & Maintenance

  • Subsea Tie-Backs

  • Facility Upgrades

  • Compressor Installations

  • Production Equipment & Installation

  • Interconnect Piping & Structures

  • Commissioning & Startup

  • Platform Maintenance & Painting

  • Fabricate & Install

  • Structural Components

  • Production Equipment

  • Piping

Whether your project requires construction, fabrication, blasting, transportation or full turnkey services, Bagwell also dispatches trained crews to install, maintain and repair equipment at customer production sites. Bagwell maintains certifications through AWS (American Welding Society), NBIC (National Board Inspection Code), and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), providing 24/7 support in fabrication, trucking, and procurement.


Bringing our Services Worldwide

Bagwell offers full construction and turnkey services for our clients, providing adaptability at every scale. With our recent capital investment and expansion projects, we have added precision equipment that allows us to optimize production, reducing the number of drops and increasing project efficiency. Maintaining communication with our clients through all phases of the project, from whole skid packages to production of kit assemblies, each project is approached with the same level of dedication.

Setting ourselves apart from the competition with our commitment to communication and innovation, Bagwell relies on over 40 years of experience and dedication to the oil and gas industries to cement our place as one of the premier land and offshore construction fabrication companies.

Client Interface

  • HSE Manager Communication

  • Client Portal Interface

  • Pre-Job Planning Meetings

  • Post-Job Debrief

  • Incident Reporting